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Nitrous Oxide(N2O) Storage and Supply Process for Semiconductor plant



Basic, Detail Process engineering and Commissioning Supervising

Nitrous Oxide is widely used for CVD of SiO2 at semiconductor field.

High purified Liquid N2O is introduced from N2O Tank lorry and it is transferred to N2O Storage tank via N2O Pump.

N2O liquid in Storage tank is remained as liquid and the pressure is maintained, which is measured by cooling through refrigerator.

This stored liquid N2O is vaporized and supplied to Semiconductor plant such as Display Manufacturing or Memory chip manufacturing plant.

Wonik Holdings

Technical Standard Publication


선반에 책

Establishment of Technical Standard and Specification for the Bulk Specialty Gas supply System

The Technical Standards are based on the experience acquired during involvement with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of processing units and facilities. Where deemed appropriate Standards are based on, or reference international, regional, national and industry standards.


Waste Solvent Recovery Process Basic Design

2022 ~ 2022


Process Basic engineering

Waste solvent that disposed from semiconductor plant is recovered via solvent recovery process. Solvent is recovered having purity above 99 %.

Some solvent is not possible to separate the components because the mixture of solvent and water has azeotrope. To separate the azeoprope components, it requires additional agent called entrainer.

CES Engineering

Linear alpha-Olefin Separation Process Basic Design

2022 ~ 2022


Process Basic engineering

Linear alpha olefins are commonly manufactured by oligomerization of ethylene and by Fischer–Tropsch synthesis followed by purification. The process is aimed to separate 1-Hexene and 1-Octene as products from the olefins crude.


PSV Load Calculation and Flare Study


Flare study.JPG

PSV Load Calculation, Flare Study and Detail Engineering

Flare networking is required to determine flare header and sub header pipes size. To handle this activities, Aspen Flare Analyzer is mostely used. Furthermore Knock-out Drum size and the flare stack capacity are confirmed during the flare study.

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