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Basic Process Design

  • PFD, Heat and Material Balance using simulation model (steady state and/or dynamic model if required)

  • Design Review (Verifying PFD, Heat and Material Balance)

  • P&ID, UDD design


Detail Process Engineering

  • P&ID development to incorporate Design Specifications, to implement all process design aspect

  • Hydraulic calculation for a pump design, Control valve design and pipe line size

  • Hydraulic network for a utilities(i.e. Steam, Cooling water) and subject pipe line size

  • PSV load study in various cases

  • Flare network for pipe line size and PSVs

  • Depressurization study using flaring sequence method to satisfy the flare stack capacity

  • Vessel size design and verification

  • Heat exchanger rating verification

  • Utility consumption design

  • Cause and Effect Design

  • Vendor documents review and comment in accordance with above design procedure

  • Operation and Maintenance Manual

Aspen simulation heat.PNG
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